22 July, 2024

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information regarding My. Sc. Geography programme MSCGG

16 October, 2023

 Dear Students of MSC  Geography programme,

Information regarding exam:

1st and 2nd semester exam will be held together in June 2024.. Programme is developed semesterwise & as per NEP 2020, theory and practical credits and projects credits are maintained.

In SOS webpage or video everywhere exam is mentioned annual. Ist exam will be annual concerning 1st and 2nd semesters. After that from 3rd semester onwards you can give exam semesterwise..

For most of queries View the youtube video
View the following link for programme related information and programme guide.
 Print study material would be dispatched soon after the admissions are over. Same is also uploaded on egyankosh.
Please download the study material of 1st semester from the link
MGG-001 and MGG008 and MGG-003 are completely uploaded, MGG-002 is partially uploaded. Start studying.
With best wishes,