06 February, 2023

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New Programmes Launched in July, 2022 Session

11 July, 2022

New Programmes Launched in July, 2022 Session: 


1.      Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management (MBAHM)

2.      Master of Business Administration – Financial Management (MBAFM)

3.      Master of Business Administration – Operations Management (MBAOM)

4.      Master of Business Administration – Marketing Management (MBAMM)

5.      M.Sc. Food Safety and Quality Management (MSCFSQM)

 6.      Master of Arts in (Hindi VYAVSAVIK LEKHAN )  (MAHV)

 7.      Master of Arts in (Arabic ) (MAARB)

 8.      Master of Arts in Vedic Studies(MAVS)

 9.      Master if Arts if Distance Education Online (MADEOL)

  10.  BA (VS) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (BAVMSME)

  11.  Post Graduate Diploma in American Literature (PGDAML)

  12.  Post Graduate Diploma in Writings from the Margins (PGDWGM)

  13.  Post Graduate Diploma in the Novel (PGDNOV)

  14.  Post Graduate Diploma in British Literature (PGDBLT)

  15.  Post  Graduate Diploma in Writings from India (PGDWI)

  16.  Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education Online (PGDDEOL)

  17.  Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication (PGDDCOL)

  18.  Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media (PGDIDMOL)

  19.  Post Graduate Diploma in new Literature in English (PGDNLEG)

  20.  Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media (PGDEME)

  21.  Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety (PGDINDS)

  22.  Post Graduate DIploma in Vastu Shastra(PGDVS)

  23.  Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE)

  24.  Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCEOL)

  25.  Certificate in Vedic Ganit (CVG)

  26.  Certificate in Smart City Development and Management (CSCDM)

 27.   Certificate in Gender in Law (CGSL)

  28.  Certificate in Skill Acquisition and knowledge awareness for livelihood Promotion (CSANKALP)

  29.  Certificate in Professional Development of Teachers (CPDT)

 30.   Certificate in Apparel Merchandising (CAPMER)

  31.  Certificate in Gender Science (CGSCI)

 Certificate in Sanskrit Sambhshan (SSBOL)