27 May, 2022

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National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT )

13 December, 2021

Dear Students,

It is to inform you that Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced a National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) as a Public-Private partnership model between the Government (through its implementing agency AICTE) and the Education Technology companies of India through an open invitation and screening. The companies are invited to showcase their products on a National Portal developed for the learners, who may procure them based on their requirements.
NEAT aims to bring the best technological Products in education pedagogy on a single platform for the convenience of learners. Technology Products using Artificial Intelligence for customized learning or e-content in niche areas having highly employable skills would be identified for showcasing on the portal.
The scheme also includes free coupons for existing students of higher education from the Economically and Socially disadvantaged students. The distribution of free seats would be done through the NEAT portal, based on student information shared by Educational Institutions.
It is to inform you that AICTE is working to distribute the 12 lakh free coupons to students.
In this regard, it is requested to register on the portal and fill the choice of courses.
Register Now (Select Student Tab) and avail the benefit. 
The portal will open from 11th December 2021 and close on 17th December 2021.
The copy of  the Scheme published in various newspapers is attached for the convenience of all concerned.