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Instructions for filling of TEE Exam form for submission of Projects/ Dissertation Reports/ Field Work Journals/ Internship Reports & appearing for Practical Exams for December 2023 TEE

4 September, 2023


Dear Students,


As you are aware that the Online link for submission of the Term End Examination form (TEE, PROJECTS SUBMISSION & PRACTICAL EXAMINATIONS) by the students for December-2023 Term-end Examination is now open along with the schedule and necessary instructions/guidelines thereof. The students may submit online examination form accordingly.

From January 2023 admission cycle onwards, the University has implemented the Project Evaluation Fees and Practical Examination Fees for having Project and Practical component of the Programmes. Accordingly SED has notified its Notification vide No. F.No.IG/SED/ Practicals/Projects/2023/12295dated07.03.2023.

Therefore, the students of January 2023 admission cycle are required to submit the online fee for Project Evaluation and Practical Examination, along with the TEE in this Portal.





Prescribed Fee for Student admitted till December 2022 admission cycle

Exam/Practical/Project Fees from the January 2023 Admission Cycle onwards

I. 01st September, 2023 to 30th September, 2023 (upto 6 PM)

Rs. 200/- per course. (Theory courses and practical/lab courses)

(i) Examination Fee Rs.200/- per theory course


(ii) Practical Fees

  • Upto 4 Credit Rs. 300/- Per course
  • Above 4 Credit Rs. 500/- per course

(iii) Project Fees

  • Upto 4 Credit Rs.300/- per course
  • Above 4 Credit Rs.500/- per course

The late fee will be remain same

II. 1st October, 2023 to 20th October, 2023 (upto 6 PM)

Rs. 200/- per course. (Theory courses and practical/lab courses) with Late fee of Rs.500/-

III. 21st October, 2023 upto 31st October 2023 (upto 6 PM)

Rs. 200/- per course. (Theory courses and practical/lab courses) Rs. 200/- per course with Late fee of Rs.1100/-


Further the students are advised that the Hall Tickets should be retained for future purpose including attending Project submissions/Practical Examinations.