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Good Governance Day Celebrated by RC Aligarh

5 January, 2015

IGNOU Regional Centre Aligarh has celebrated good governance day at the Regional Centre library. 7 students alongwith staff members of RC Aligarh and Media persons have participated in the celebration of Good Governance. The topic was “Good Governance through E-Governance”. The staff members and the student of IGNOU have given their views about how the good governance facilitated through e-governance. Mr. Dilip Kumar, a student of M.Ed. has given a wonderful lecture on the topic and got Ist Prize. During the celebration Dr. Amit Chaturvedi, Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre Aligarh has welcome the students, Media persons and staff members and informed about the best practices use in Good Governance through e-governance. Dr. Chaturvedi emphasized for the development of talented teachers for the primary education. The major role of the primary teacher is to develop the student at primary level.

During the celebration Dr. Bhanu Pratap, Dr. K. Nilofer, Dr. M.R. Faizal, Assistant Regional Directors, Mr. A.K. Pandey, Assistant Registrar, Mr. Satyendra Kushwaha and Miss Azra Bano have also participated and given their views about the Good Governance.

Electronic Media persons and Press Reporters of various Newspapers have covered the function at IGNOU Regional Centre Aligarh.