25 January, 2021

Regional Centre



Prof Satyakam , Pro-Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU has reading and explaining the stories of renowned writers of Hindi Literature under the series of SUNO KAHANI on GD + GV +  Gyan Dhara Web Radio at 5.30 - 6.00 pm every day.  Prof Satyakam Sir will conduct a special  live session Katha Yatra and interact with the lovers of Hindi literature at 5.00-6.00 pm on 17.05.2020. Therefore, kindly use this opportunity and interact with PVC Sir. The Phone numbers for interaction as follows: 011-29533581, 011-29536131 & 1800112347. 

The Gyan Darshan Channel / Gyan Vani FM Radio Station is telecasting / broadcasting Prof Satyakam Sir's session SUNO KAHANI every day. If the Channel gets the feedback of the Series it would be useful to improve the quality of the programme, format and reach. Kidly forward feedback directly to Prof Satyakam / Coordinator, Gyan Darshan / Station Manager FM Radio Station, Delhi.